Frank Spivey, Lynne Gallant, and Bill Gallant

Building relationships and fulfilling promises since 1945

We’re the one company that has continually set the standard. And, the one standing behind our work since 1945.

For decades, Frank has personally put his stamp of approval on projects and pricing. Now, Lynne and Bill continue those high standards.

This is what makes us — the Spivey Construction team — the right one.

The smart choice.

Spivey Construction has been helping Indiana homeowners since 1945. That longevity says quite a lot about our commitment to the industry, our community and high standards. We have maintained a strong, vibrant business, largely, because our customers are satisfied customers. They are happy to refer our name to any friends or neighbors who may be considering a remodeling project.

This is how our business has grown. We do a good job. We do what we promise. We communicate with the homeowner every step of the process. We are honest and straight-forward. No dancing. No fancy footwork to dodge the answers.

We live by high standards. We don’t try to cut corners or find ways to cheapen the product. Good quality is pretty cut-and-dried simple, the way we see it. It’s either done right or it isn’t. We insist on it being done right.

From code requirements to grade-levels of materials and details in the finishing touches, we strive for top performance every step of the way. We have systems in place to ensure the process works for each project, each homeowner.

That’s where longevity comes in handy. We have perfected our processes over the years. We have developed long-term relationships with the suppliers and craftsmen we work with. They know our expectations. They support our needs, even when we are pushing hard for a RUSH job, unusual requirement or a custom order  because they know we will be here tomorrow and the tomorrow after that.

That’s what respect is all about. That’s what our business is all about. Spivey Construction. Family owned  since 1945. That’s a long time. And, now you know why that’s something to be proud of. Something no one else in this business can claim.

108 E Epler Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227

(317) 786-4337